Our company provides an all-round service to companies and businesses,

in general, which recognize the importance of communication

and which need to be supported in the production of their advertising and promotional material.

This service aims at making our customers' presence in the market more visible in order

to achieve a more satisfactory level of corporate income.







 Image is essential to promote your business. We can provide

any kind of item or gadget customized with your  logo through printing or engraving.

 Our experience and know-how, other than allowing us to understand the customer's need, help our customers

 in their choice of the best product and best merchandising and communication solution.

 Our goal is to be professional partners standing at your side to guarantee the best choice for your marketing

 actions in the shortest possible time, with a high quality of order management.

We follow our customers step by step by assessing

together with them the best quality/price ratio available on  the market.

 The commercial department helps you to evaluate and choose the best product

and processing for Your Image in a very professional way.

 Promotique mainly offers high-quality products, such as billboards with graphic decoration, banners, advertising

 and promotional items (gadgets), and ensures the best customized promotional services (layout for

 exhibitions, conferences and fairs).







We invest in efficiency and love to communicate with our partners.
by creating a lasting collaboration relationship with our customers.






This is the site of a simulated training enterprise, not a real enterprise.
Orders are made only for school purposes.
By submitting an order, there is no real contract of sale.
In no case shall the goods be physically delivered.